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  • Mid Table Snookball  (28cm)
Mid Table Snookball  (28cm)

Mid Table Snookball (28cm)

  • Product description: Mid Table Snookball For Sell

Mid Table

Perfect compromise between the HI model  and the LOW model

Characteristics:- Size : 21.65ft x 11.80ft (6.60 m x 3.60 m)
- Height of the Mid table: 25 cm

- version indoor /outdoor

- eight of game 25cm
- Pockets system with recovery of balls
- Synthetic grass carpet.
- The table is adjustable of 2 inch ( 5 cm)

Pockets system:
- Balls are stored and got back under pockets at ground level.
- Allows to store 6 balls.

Pockets ans structure of bouncing off side part:
- Made up of 12 elements (6 pockets and5 sides )
- Specially developed for the Mid model
- Adapted for balls of size 3 or 4
- Each of 12 elements can be replaced

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