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  • Classic Wooden Competition Snookball Set
Classic Wooden Competition Snookball Set

Classic Wooden Competition Snookball Set

  • Product description: Classic Wooden Competition Snookball Set
Classic Wooden Competition Snookball Set

Deep Hole/Wooden Shell/Steel Base/High Table
Size: 660*360*43cm
Volume: 6CBM

Important Notic:
If you are an individual, then you need to contact your local forwarding company to help you clear customs if you do not know how to import goods.
[May cost around 100-200USD]

We accept Paypal and bank transfer.
Please send email:[email protected] for payment confirm.

Balls will ship within 3 working day, snookball set will ship within 5 working day.
[If you want print your logo on the balls or snookball set, it may need more days.]
Shippment usually cost 10 to 20 days to your country.

Return and After sale:
We accept return within 30 days after you receive the goods if any quality problem.
We provide video installation instructions.
If you need our professional staff to install, then the customer needs to pay our engineer's air tickets and accommodation.

RFQ:1. Whats the difference between Deep Hole and Plain Hole
Deep hole means the ball can fix its place when it in the hole.
It's like billiards. It's simple to calculate score and suitable for more formal games.
In addition, the deep hole means that the height is higher and more stable.
But the assembly is more complex and suitable for commercial purposes such as communities, bars, game rooms, etc.
RFQ:2. Whats the difference between Wooden Shell and FPR Shell
Wooden shell is classic, but fiberglass(FPR) has bright colors wich is very popular with children, and FPR is waterproof, can stand high temperature, long life,
FPR as light as plastic, as strong as steel.
If you put it outdoors all the time, it may rain or snow, please choose fiberglass version.
If you just move to the lawn on a sunny day or use it indoors all the time, I suggest you choose wood.
If you want to kick the balls violently, fiberglass version is also recommended.
RFQ:3. Whats the difference between Wooden Base and Steel Base
Steel base means we have steel frame structure inside, if it's for a competition, or you want a long-life snookball table, you can choose steel base version

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